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Aurora, IL Furnace Repair, Replacement, Maintenance Experts

As a home or business owner in Aurora, you know the importance of a heating system during a Midwestern winter. You’re also aware that staying warm involves more than setting the thermostat. We need to consider other factors such as which spaces need to be heated for how long, what our heating costs and budget will be, and when we should schedule furnace inspection and maintenance.

Air Medics specializes in furnace repair, installation, replacement and maintenance for Aurora, including 24-hour emergency furnace repair. With us as your resource for heating, your furnace will keep you warm when you need it and save energy when you don’t. Our owner also is a former fireman, so we can support you with additional insight into heating-system safety.

Aurora Testimonial: Matt was awesome. As a new homeowner he educated me on what to look for to service my system each season and gave me tips on efficiency. He was super helpful...

Aurora Customer Testimonial

“Matt was awesome. As a new homeowner he educated me on what to look for to service my system each season and gave me tips on efficiency. He was super helpful…”

Furnace Repair for Aurora

Most of us typically don’t think about heating until we have to. Once the temperatures drop, we’ll probably notice if something is off with our furnace. The earlier we can identify what might be wrong, the better off we’ll be when we need our heating to work for us during late fall and winter.

Some common symptoms that your furnace in Aurora might need repair include:

  • tepid or cooler air blowing through the vents
  • less airflow
  • odd noises such as groans, whistles, rattles, thumping or squealing
  • higher utility bills, which can mean the heating system is laboring to heat your spaces

If you suspect something isn’t right with your furnace, call us at (630) 554-7076 to share your concern. We’ll help you determine if you can solve the issue yourself or if your furnace might need further inspection for a repair.

Heating Installation and Replacement for Aurora

If it has been well maintained, a standard furnace might operate for around 15 years. After that, the need for a furnace replacement starts to go up. In addition to old age, you’ll want to keep track of signs such as rising heating bills and frequency of repair work. These suggest the furnace is working harder than it should.

In some cases we might avoid installation or replacement of a furnace because we’re concerned about the expense. In truth, we’ll probably wind up spending more – and dealing with more stress and inconvenience – if we don’t replace a worn, aging unit.

If you think it might be time for replacement of your furnace in Aurora, we’ll be glad to address questions or concerns you might have. Simply call us at (630) 554-7076.

Furnace Maintenance for Aurora

Periodic furnace inspection and maintenance is the best way to help prevent problems that can become bigger and more costly. Regular maintenance for your furnace in Aurora can:

  • greatly reduce utility bills
  • prolong the life of your furnace
  • restrict dangers such as gas leaks
  • keep your unit compliant with its warranty coverage

Make sure your furnace is in tip-top shape in time for the cold. Call us at (630) 554-7076 today to speak with an Air Medics specialist.