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Heating and Furnace

Competitive rates and superior service for Chicagoland and Joliet

If you live or work in Joliet, you know how cold winter can get. Once the temperatures drop, we realize how much we depend on our heating system for safety and comfort.

Staying warm in Joliet also involves more than just setting the thermostat. Other factors include seasonal furnace inspection and maintenance, which spaces need to be heated for how long, and what our heating costs and budget will be.

Air Medics serves Joliet with specialized heating and furnace repair, installation, replacement and maintenance, including 24-hour emergency furnace repair. We help you make sure your furnace is performing when you need it – and saving energy when you don’t.

Our owner also is a former fireman, so we can support you with additional insight into heating-system safety.

Joliet Furnace Repair

Once you switch our HVAC from “cool” to “heat,” you want to be aware of any signs that suggest the furnace might be having trouble.

A few indicators that it might need repair include:

  • unheated air blowing through the vents
  • weaker airflow
  • odd noises such as whistles, rattles or thumping
  • rising utility bills

If you notice any of these symptoms, be sure to address them before it gets too cold outside. Call us at (630) 554-7076 to discuss your concern and we’ll let you know what the trouble might be. We’ll also explain if you can solve the issue yourself or if your furnace in Joliet would benefit from a possible repair.

Joliet Furnace Installation and Replacement

The average well-maintained furnace might operate properly for around 15 years. After that period, the Joliet Furnace repair and maintenancepossibility of a furnace replacement starts to go up. In addition to the age of your unit, watch for things such as increasing heating bills and more-frequent repair work. These are hints the furnace might be overworked.

Furnace installation/replacement is often a better option than trying to keep an aging, failing unit going. In the long run, we’ll usually wind up spending more – and dealing with greater inconvenience – if we don’t replace a worn-out furnace.

If you think your furnace in Joliet might be ready for replacement, call us at (630) 554-7076 to discuss it. We can answer your questions and further inform you about the best way to proceed.

Joliet Heating and Furnace Maintenance

The best way to avoid big, costly problems with your furnace is to schedule regular maintenance for it. Periodic furnace maintenance for your Joliet furnace can help:

  • keep your heating bills at the right level
  • prolong the life of your furnace
  • spot hazards such as leaks of gas or carbon monoxide
  • maintain the unit’s warranty through proper compliance

A little maintenance now may save a lot of difficulty later. Call us at (630) 554-7076 to speak with a specialist about furnace maintenance for Joliet.

Air Medics works with a vast range of furnace brands such as Carrier, Ducane, American Standard, York, Trane, Lennox, Rheem and Goodman.